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There are many people who are desperate for a short-term financial assistance and many are highly likely to have bad credit. Applying for a bank loan with a less-than stellar financial record would be a total waste of time. Banks do a thorough examination into your credit status, ask you to fill in form after form, and ask you awkward questions. Many loan applicants find themselves waiting for hours in lines just to get denied.


When applying for a PRO Car Title Loan in Azusa, you will find that we are more interested in the lien-free title of your vehicle and your source of income. Our goal is to offer you easy money in exchange for your vehicle’s title as collateral. These loans are short-term and once the loan is repaid, you can retake the ownership of the vehicle. The short loan process is brief and you can qualify and have the funds in your bank account the same day as you apply in many cases. Cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, and other vehicles are accepted.

Get the Best Rates

Many car title loan companies are notorious for their outrageously high interest rates and leaving borrowers with even bigger debts. Here’s some tips to follow when looking for a reputable lender:

  • Use all of your resources: the more companies you’re willing to try, the better the rate you are likely to get. This also enables price comparisons. It’s always best to do research to make sure you are comfortable dealing with the people you plan on dealing with.

  • Get detailed information: find car title loan companies that will give you thorough information about the lending process. Make a detailed investigation and ask any questions you might have.
  • Pay attention to interest rates: look for car title loan companies with fair interest rates. The best tip is to pay back the loan as soon as you can to avoid paying extra fees and costs.
  • Read the contract carefully: never sign anything without having thoroughly looked at it. Pay attention to all interest rates and make sure there’s no hidden fees.
  • Follow up on the phone: direct negotiations with lenders are critically important. Pick up the phone and go over the entire process before applying.

Advantages of PRO Car Title Loans in Azusa

One of the best advantages to a PRO Car Title Loan in Azusa is that it enables you to get the funds you need the same day as you apply in most cases. Your application is usually processed within a day or two. It’s a simple process that only involves you applying, getting approved, and driving away in Azusa with cash. Apply online or by phone at 844-643-7115.Azusa-car-auto-title-loans

As long as you own a vehicle, you could already qualify for a loan from PRO Car Title Loans. Our agents do not scrutinize your credit history as is done with traditional bank and payday loans.

Another great benefit of working with PRO Car Title Loans is that you get to keep your vehicle and still drive it in Azusa while paying off your loan. You will only give us the title but there’s no reason to leave the car behind. Car, trucks, RVS, and motorcycles, and other vehicles are accepted.

Azusa, CA

The city of Azusa is located in the County of Los Angeles. Nestled against the San Gabriel Mountain foothills, Azusa was founded in 1887 and has a population of approximately 48,000 people.

Whether visiting or living in Azusa, there are many things to see and do. Visit the Durrell House Museum, which is a colonial craftsman style home built in 1923, and make a stop at the Azusa Foothill Drive-In on historic Route 66.

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